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    141000 - Summer Sports Camp 6-8

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    Add to Cart141000-01Sports Camp Week 107/06/21- 07/09/216th - 8th11:30A- 4:30PSouth High SchoolTu-FLocation DetailsItem Details$1468/$0
    Add to Cart141000-02Sports Camp Week 207/12/21- 07/16/216th - 8th11:30A- 4:30PSouth High SchoolM-FLocation DetailsItem Details$1468/$0
    Add to Cart141000-03Sports Camp Week 307/19/21- 07/23/216th - 8th11:30A- 4:30PSouth High SchoolM-FLocation DetailsItem Details$1468/$0
    Add to Cart141000-04Sports Camp Week 407/26/21- 07/30/216th - 8th11:30A- 4:30PSouth High SchoolM-FLocation DetailsItem Details$1468/$0
    Add to Cart141000-05Sports Camp Week 508/02/21- 08/06/216th - 8th11:30A- 4:30PSouth High SchoolM-FLocation DetailsItem Details$1468/$0
    Add to Cart141000-06Sports Camp Week 608/09/21- 08/13/216th - 8th10:30A- 4:00PSouth High SchoolM-FLocation DetailsItem Details$1468/$0

    200010 - 3D Animation

    Animation is all around us — cartoons, commercials, movies, video games — and has more serious uses like training and simulation in the military. It is used by NASA to track satellites and by physicians to visualize surgical procedures. Kids are awed by the 3D computer graphics they see in movies and video games. Why not learn how to create those!
    In the 3D Animation classes, students will create simple and fun character models, animate them, and use them to create a 10-12 seconds clip such as cars going around a racetrack with Blender software. Students will learn principles of animation such as staging, squash and stretch, arcs, slow in and slow out, exaggeration and appeal techniques to create believable and realistic character animations.

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    Read Notice200010-063D Animation04/11/21- 06/13/214th - 8th11:00A- 11:45AOn Line ClassesSuLocation DetailsItem Details$360

    200015 - Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

    Artificial Intelligence is a growing and important field in Computer Science. While AI is a common buzzword, very few people stop to think about what AI actually is. This program aims to get students thinking critically about what makes humans intelligent, and how computer scientists are designing computers to act more like us. Students will explore machine learning with Python. Train models to learn without being directly coded while developing coding and logical thinking skills.

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    Read Notice200015-04AI & Machine Learning04/10/21- 06/12/214th - 8th 1:00P- 1:45POn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$450

    200100 - Chess Instruction Program-Saturday

    Online classes consist of chess instruction. Students will have an opportunity to remotely play chess with one another. The instructor will inform students and parents with class announcements including assignments and play schedules.
    The instructor may request a student to change to a different class level if the student skills do not match the class.

    See Brochure for class descriptions and requirements.

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    Read Notice200100-17L1-Beginner Chess Class04/10/21- 06/12/21Kinder - 1st 9:00A- 9:30AOn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$108
    Read Notice200100-18L2-Beginner-Intermediate Chess Class04/10/21- 06/12/21Kinder - 5th10:00A- 10:45AOn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$153
    Read Notice200100-19L3-Intermediate Chess Class04/10/21- 06/12/211st - 6th11:00A- 11:45AOn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$153
    Read Notice200100-20L4-Intermediate-Advanced Chess Class04/10/21- 06/12/212nd - 8th12:00P- 12:45POn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$153
    Read Notice200100-21L5-Advanced Class04/10/21- 06/12/212nd - 8th 1:00P- 1:45POn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$153
    Read Notice200100-22L6-Expert Class04/10/21- 06/12/213rd - 8th 2:00P- 2:45POn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$153

    200105 - Creative Problem Solving (Prep course for AMC8)

    Math problem solving is one of the top skills in school study, future career, and our daily life. This course is designed to help students develop advanced problem-solving skills by solving typical math problems, and provide an opportunity for students to build more positive attitudes and higher confidence towards analytical thinking and mathematical problem solving. This session will include some of the series topics, such as: ratios and proportions, factoring methods, pythagorean theorem, exponents, similar triangles, quadratic equations, sets and Venn diagrams, GCF & LCM, bridge technique in Geometry, non-negative or positive integer solutions, angle bisector questions and counting geometric figures.
    Grade 5 Students with advanced math skills and placement test may participate. Call Recreation Office for information/Registration.

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    Read Notice200105-01Creative Problem Solving (AMC8 prep)04/10/21- 06/12/216th - 8th 9:00A- 9:45AOn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$252
    Read Notice200105-02Creative Problem Solving (AMC8 prep)04/10/21- 06/12/216th - 8th10:00A- 10:45AOn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$252
    Read Notice200105-03Creative Problem Solving (AMC8 prep)04/10/21- 06/12/216th - 8th11:00A- 11:45AOn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$252

    201000 - Fencing 101

    This program offers beginner skills and intermediate techniques in the Olympic Sport of Fencing. Mixing in-depth learning, exercise and fun. The class will include specific at-home safety instruction and movements. The Athlete will gain skills and knowledge to be successful with in-person fencing. Included in this course is footwork, blade-work, knowledge of the rules and gaining confidence with the tools of a major sport. Benefits: agility and deftness, discipline, strategy, exercise and athletic ability. Students should choose loose-fitting clothes that don't restrict range of motion and sneakers.
    Materials recommended: 4x6 clear floor non-slippery space, soft vertical area (E.g. blanket on back of chair), foam sword/noodle and eye-protection (E.g. goggles). Instructor will give additional information regarding training equipment.

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    Read Notice201000-05Fencing 10104/10/21- 06/12/211st - 3rd 9:00A- 9:45AOn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$126
    Read Notice201000-06Fencing 10104/10/21- 06/12/214th - 6th10:00A- 10:45AOn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$126
    Read Notice201000-07Fencing 10104/11/21- 06/13/211st - 3rd 9:00A- 9:45AOn Line ClassesSuLocation DetailsItem Details$126
    Read Notice201000-08Fencing 10104/11/21- 06/13/214th - 6th10:00A- 10:45AOn Line ClassesSuLocation DetailsItem Details$126

    201110 - Kickboxing Clinic for Kids

    Our youth kickboxing fitness program will teach children basic kickboxing and self-defense techniques, such as proper footwork and punching techniques while at the same time engaging them in a variety of drills. Classes start with warm ups, followed up with technique and injury prevention lessons. Students will then have an opportunity to practice skills learned and end each class with a cool down routine.
    The program will provide students with perseverance, dedication, courage, ability to think tactically and develop self-control. Additionally, they will learn how to maximize their stamina and strength levels while at the same time enhancing their motor coordination. While it’s true that kickboxing has a lot of health benefits, one of the best things about it is that it’s fun! Finding an activity like kickboxing that’s fun to participate in helps kids develop a positive attitude about being physically active.

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    Read Notice201110-04Kickboxing Clinic for Kids04/10/21- 06/19/214th - 5th 9:00A- 9:45AOn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$126
    Read Notice201110-05Kickboxing Clinic for Kids04/10/21- 06/19/216th - 8th10:00A- 10:45AOn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$126

    201405 - Microsoft Excel Lessons for Kidz

    Aside from our coding, game design, graphic design, web design, and animation classes, we also make sure that all kids are proficiently skilled in Microsoft Excel. The online lessons start with the basics and progresses onto advanced concepts. Children undertaking this course will also cover mathematical principles.
    • Microsoft Excel is used by schools and colleges, so kids that learn Excel early will be ahead of their peers, and potentially be able to work quicker, smarter, and better.
    • Kids can learn how to use data and convert raw numbers into meaningful information.
    • Kids can learn how to visualize and present this information to make better informed decisions.
    • Kids can learn how to plan financially – a skill not often taught in schools.
    • Kids can improve their mathematical skills due the application’s calculation functionality. This encourages them to practice math more, plus learn to rectify their mistakes due to the built-in error tools and help functions.
    • Future employers expect the best potential employees to not just have a working knowledge of Microsoft Excel but be able to harness the more powerful functionality to set them apart from the rest of candidates.

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    Read Notice201405-01Microsoft Excel Lesson for Kidz04/11/21- 06/13/216th - 12th12:00P- 12:45POn Line ClassesSuLocation DetailsItem Details$200

    201410 - Mobile Application Development

    Students will learn to design and build fully functional apps for mobile devices. In this program students will learn about app components, behavior, event handling, images, and user interface design. The skills learned can also be used to make apps for school projects and assignments.

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    Read Notice201410-06Mobile Application Development04/11/21- 06/13/214th - 8th10:00A- 10:45AOn Line ClassesSuLocation DetailsItem Details$360

    201500 - Python

    Ever wonder how YouTube, Google, Instagram, or Spotify were created? Introducing Python! Students will be introduced to computer programming and put new concepts to use by developing fun and educational programs. Students will build a series of Python applications and games with text-based and graphical interfaces. By learning the basics of Python programming, students can expand their abilities to build even more complicated games using graphics, animation, and sound.
    Python is powerful and widely-used language. This course will give your child a solid set of skills in one of today's top programming language. Today's biggest companies (and smartest startups) use Python, including Google, Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, IBM and NASA. Python is increasingly being used for scientific computations and data analysis. Sign up for this course and learn the skills you need to rub shoulders with today's tech industry giants.

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    Read Notice201500-03Python04/10/21- 06/12/214th - 8th11:00A- 11:45AOn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$315

    205200 - Video Game Design Foundation (VGDF)

    Design and code your own video games! In this introductory level course, students will learn the foundations of video game development. Students will design and program a fully functional video game from start to finish, complete with unique characters, levels, backgrounds, and a wide array of custom features. Through the development of their games, students will learn about all of the artistic and technical aspects of creating video games and will apply basic math and science concepts to code their games to life in an extremely fun way! Each student will come away with a finished PC video game able to be shared with friends and family, as well as a huge boost in self-confidence knowing that they can make games themselves! No previous experience required.

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    Read Notice205200-07VGDF-Beginner04/10/21- 06/12/213rd - 4th 9:00A- 9:45AOn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$225
    Read Notice205200-08VGDF-Advanced04/10/21- 06/12/214th - 8th10:00A- 10:45AOn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$225

    206100 - Web Application Development-Java Script (Learn HTML/CSS/Java Script)

    This course is designed for students looking to dive into the realm of the World Wide Web. Using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS, students will construct interactive web pages. In addition, students will be exposed to tools and concepts such as Google Analytics, Search Engine Optimization, and the full life cycle of web development. Students of all different interests will benefit greatly as technical students and visually creative students work together on projects that help them build communication and collaborative skills, all while each student is doing what he/she loves most.

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    Read Notice206100-03Web Application Development-Java Script04/10/21- 06/12/214th - 8th12:00P- 12:45POn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$270

    208100 - YouTube Video Producers

    Become a professional YouTube video creator! YouTube is the largest, most successful video platform on the web, and in this course, students will graduate from viewers to creators! Using a variety of recording and capture tools, as well as photo, video, and audio editing tools accessible right from home, students will learn a wealth of new creative and technological skills to get them ready to take on their next big video idea! In addition, students will learn the best way to present themselves and their ideas through creative writing and public speaking techniques for use in any professional field!

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    Read Notice208100-03YouTube Video Producers04/11/21- 06/13/216th - 12th 9:00A- 9:45AOn Line ClassesSuLocation DetailsItem Details$270
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