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    200100 - Chess Instruction Program-Saturday

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    Read Notice200100-19L3-Intermediate Chess Class04/10/21- 06/12/211st - 6th11:00A- 11:45AOn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$153
    Read Notice200100-20L4-Intermediate-Advanced Chess Class04/10/21- 06/12/212nd - 8th12:00P- 12:45POn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$153
    Read Notice200100-21L5-Advanced Class04/10/21- 06/12/212nd - 8th 1:00P- 1:45POn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$153
    Read Notice200100-22L6-Expert Class04/10/21- 06/12/213rd - 8th 2:00P- 2:45POn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$153

    200105 - Creative Problem Solving (Prep course for AMC8)

    Math problem solving is one of the top skills in school study, future career, and our daily life. This course is designed to help students develop advanced problem-solving skills by solving typical math problems, and provide an opportunity for students to build more positive attitudes and higher confidence towards analytical thinking and mathematical problem solving. This session will include some of the series topics, such as: ratios and proportions, factoring methods, pythagorean theorem, exponents, similar triangles, quadratic equations, sets and Venn diagrams, GCF & LCM, bridge technique in Geometry, non-negative or positive integer solutions, angle bisector questions and counting geometric figures.
    Grade 5 Students with advanced math skills and placement test may participate. Call Recreation Office for information/Registration.

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    Read Notice200105-01Creative Problem Solving (AMC8 prep)04/10/21- 06/12/216th - 8th 9:00A- 9:45AOn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$252
    Read Notice200105-02Creative Problem Solving (AMC8 prep)04/10/21- 06/12/216th - 8th10:00A- 10:45AOn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$252
    Read Notice200105-03Creative Problem Solving (AMC8 prep)04/10/21- 06/12/216th - 8th11:00A- 11:45AOn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$252

    201000 - Fencing 101

    This program offers beginner skills and intermediate techniques in the Olympic Sport of Fencing. Mixing in-depth learning, exercise and fun. The class will include specific at-home safety instruction and movements. The Athlete will gain skills and knowledge to be successful with in-person fencing. Included in this course is footwork, blade-work, knowledge of the rules and gaining confidence with the tools of a major sport. Benefits: agility and deftness, discipline, strategy, exercise and athletic ability. Students should choose loose-fitting clothes that don't restrict range of motion and sneakers.
    Materials recommended: 4x6 clear floor non-slippery space, soft vertical area (E.g. blanket on back of chair), foam sword/noodle and eye-protection (E.g. goggles). Instructor will give additional information regarding training equipment.

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    Read Notice201000-05Fencing 10104/10/21- 06/12/211st - 3rd 9:00A- 9:45AOn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$126
    Read Notice201000-06Fencing 10104/10/21- 06/12/214th - 6th10:00A- 10:45AOn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$126
    Read Notice201000-07Fencing 10104/11/21- 06/13/211st - 3rd 9:00A- 9:45AOn Line ClassesSuLocation DetailsItem Details$126
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