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    200010 - 3D Animation

    Animation is all around us — cartoons, commercials, movies, video games — and has more serious uses like training and simulation in the military. It is used by NASA to track satellites and by physicians to visualize surgical procedures. Kids are awed by the 3D computer graphics they see in movies and video games. Why not learn how to create those!
    In the 3D Animation classes, students will create simple and fun character models, animate them, and use them to create a 10-12 seconds clip such as cars going around a racetrack with Blender software. Students will learn principles of animation such as staging, squash and stretch, arcs, slow in and slow out, exaggeration and appeal techniques to create believable and realistic character animations.

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    Read Notice200010-053D Animation01/10/21- 03/21/214th - 8th11:00A- 11:45AOn Line ClassesSuLocation DetailsItem Details$360

    200015 - Artificial Intelligence @ Machine Learning

    Today’s students are the first generation to grow up in a world with artificial intelligence. But many don’t realize it. Give your child a learning edge with our online artificial intelligence classes. Artificial Intelligence is a growing and important field in Computer Science. While “AI” is a common buzzword, very few people stop to think about what AI actually is. This program aims to get students thinking critically about what makes humans intelligent, and how computer scientists are designing computers to act more like us. Students will explore machine learning with Python and Train their machine learning models to learn without being directly coded while developing coding and logical thinking skills. Students will teach computers to recognize commands, colors, recognize objects, make predictions and teach computers to play a game.

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    Read Notice200015-02Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning01/09/21- 03/20/214th - 8th 1:00P- 1:45POn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$450

    200100 - Chess Instruction Program-Saturday

    Online classes consist of chess instruction. Students will have an opportunity to remotely play chess with one another. The instructor will inform students and parents with class announcements including assignments and play schedules.
    See brochure for specific class information.

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    Read Notice200100-06Chess-9am Beginner Gr. K-101/09/21- 03/20/21Kinder - 1st 9:00A- 9:30AOn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$108
    Read Notice200100-07Chess-10am Beginner Gr. 2-501/09/21- 03/20/212nd - 5th10:00A- 10:45AOn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$153
    Read Notice200100-08Chess 11am Intermedate Gr. K-401/09/21- 03/20/211st - 4th11:00A- 11:45AOn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$153
    Read Notice200100-09Advanced Chess Class-12pm01/09/21- 03/20/211st - 9th12:00P- 12:45POn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$153
    Read Notice200100-10Expert Level Chess Class-1pm01/09/21- 03/20/212nd - 9th 1:00P- 1:45POn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$153

    200110 - Cyber Security & Internet Safe

    The demand for knowledgeable cyber security professionals has never been greater. This course introduces cryptographic elements and obfuscation of information via complex puzzles and ciphers. Students will learn how encryption turns numbers, text images, and sounds into a scrambled stream and puts them all back together again. Students will utilize multiple encryption methods and learn to use Python language to encrypt and decrypt messages and develop security and analytical skills.

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    Read Notice200110-02Cyber Security & Internet Safety01/10/21- 03/21/214th - 8th12:00P- 12:45POn Line ClassesSuLocation DetailsItem Details$338

    201000 - Fencing

    This program offers beginner skills and intermediate techniques in the Olympic Sport of Fencing. Mixing in-depth learning, exercise and fun. The class will include specific at-home safety instruction and movements. The Athlete will gain skills and knowledge to be successful with in-person fencing. Included in this course is footwork, blade-work, knowledge of the rules and gaining confidence with the tools of a major sport. Benefits: agility and deftness, discipline, strategy, exercise and athletic ability. Students should choose loose-fitting clothes that don't restrict range of motion and sneakers.
    Materials recommended: 4x6 clear floor non-slippery space, soft vertical area (E.g. blanket on back of chair), foam sword/noodle and eye-protection (E.g. goggles). Instructor will give additional information regarding training equipment.

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    Read Notice201000-01Fencing 101-9am Sat.01/09/21- 03/20/211st - 3rd 9:00A- 9:45AOn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$126
    Read Notice201000-02Fencing 101-10am Sat.01/09/21- 03/20/214th - 6th10:00A- 10:45AOn Line ClassesSaLocation DetailsItem Details$126
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