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    130000 - Summer NMS Evening 7-12

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    Read Notice130000-01NMS Evening Tennis07/09/19- 08/01/197th - 12th 6:30P- 8:00PNorth Middle SchoolTu, ThLocation DetailsItem Details$60
    Read Notice130000-03NMS Evening Badminton07/09/19- 08/01/197th - 12th 6:30P- 8:00PNorth Middle SchoolTu, ThLocation DetailsItem Details$60

    200010 - 3D Animation

    Animation is all around us cartoons, commercials, movies, video games and has more serious uses like training and simulation in the military. It is used by NASA to track satellites and by physicians to visualize surgical procedures. Kids are awed by the 3D computer graphics they see in movies and video games. Why not learn how to create those!
    In the 3D Animation classes, students will create simple and fun character models, animate them, and use them to create a 10-12 seconds clip such as cars going around a racetrack with Blender software.
    Students will learn principles of animation such as staging, squash and stretch, arcs, slow in and slow out, exaggeration and appeal techniques to create believable and realistic character animations.
    Students will need to know their district username & password to log-on the computers.

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    Read Notice200010-013D Animation03/01/20- 05/31/204th - 8th10:00A- 11:00ANorth Middle SchoolSuLocation DetailsItem Details$474

    200100 - Chess South

    During each one-hour session children will learn about chess, play chess, and have some fun along the way! Beginners will learn game fundamentals and experienced players will learn strategies and tactics necessary for successful game play. Each session will be divided between instruction and supervised game play.

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    Read Notice200100-06Chess-9am Beginner Gr. K-101/04/20- 03/14/20Kinder - 1st 9:00A- 10:00ASouth Middle SchoolSaLocation DetailsItem Details$136
    Read Notice200100-07Chess-10am Beginner Gr. 2-501/04/20- 03/14/202nd - 5th10:00A- 11:00ASouth Middle SchoolSaLocation DetailsItem Details$136
    Read Notice200100-08Chess 11am Intermedate Gr. K-301/04/20- 03/14/20Kinder - 3rd11:00A- 12:00PSouth Middle SchoolSaLocation DetailsItem Details$136
    Read Notice200100-09Chess Advanced-12pm01/04/20- 03/14/201st - 9th12:00P- 1:00PSouth Middle SchoolSaLocation DetailsItem Details$136
    Read Notice200100-10Chess Tournament Advanced 1pm01/04/20- 03/14/201st - 9th 1:00P- 2:00PSouth Middle SchoolSaLocation DetailsItem Details$136
    Read Notice200100-115pm Chess-Learn More Gr. K-201/14/20- 03/17/20Kinder - 2nd 5:00P- 6:00PSouth Middle SchoolTuLocation DetailsItem Details$136
    Read Notice200100-126pm Chess Stratergy ABC01/14/20- 03/17/20Kinder - 9th 6:00P- 7:00PSouth Middle SchoolTuLocation DetailsItem Details$136
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