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    201200 - Learn-To-Swim

    Instructional Learn to Swim Program.
    Mail-in/Walk-in Registration only.
    See Registration Form.

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    Read Notice201200-03Learn to Swim-Spring04/22/17- 06/10/17Kinder - 12th10:00A- 12:30PSouth Middle SchoolSaLocation DetailsItem Details$136

    201300 - LEGO Robotics

    Get ready for robotics! Bricks 4 Kidz® LEGO Robotics program takes students through a science-filled adventure building robots that crawl, drive, launch, race and much more! This is a hands-on class where students build machines, buildings, vehicles and other structures out of LEGO® Bricks. Each class begins with a instructor-led discussion related to the model of the day. Students build a new project each week. While exploring principles of engineering, architecture, physics and more, students will develop problem solving and critical thinking skills. Once the project is complete, children use the rest of their time to modify their model builds and collaborate with one another. All materials are provided.

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    Read Notice201300-ALEGO Robotics 9am Gr.4-504/22/17- 06/10/174th - 5th 9:00A- 10:00ASouth Middle SchoolSaLocation DetailsItem Details$160
    Read Notice201300-BLEGO Robotics 10am Gr.2-304/22/17- 06/10/172nd - 3rd10:00A- 11:00ASouth Middle SchoolSaLocation DetailsItem Details$160
    Read Notice201300-CLEGO Robotics 11am Gr.K-104/22/17- 06/10/17Kinder - 1st11:00A- 12:00PSouth Middle SchoolSaLocation DetailsItem Details$160
    Read Notice201300-DLEGO Robotics 12pm Gr. K-104/22/17- 06/10/17Kinder - 1st12:00P- 1:00PSouth Middle SchoolSaLocation DetailsItem Details$160

    204010 - Table Tennis

    This program is designed for students who want to have fun with table tennis and who seriously want to learn, improve and compete in tournaments. The program will include footwork, forehand & backhand techniques. Training will be in a positive atmosphere with the emphasis on improvement and is suitable for intermediate players.
    Equipment: All students are expected to bring a paddle. High Quality Paddles are available for purchase from the Coach.
    Coach Fei-Ming Tong: is a former 5th in the world ranked ITTF International Champion, and Olympic Competitor. She has US and international table tennis coaching experiences and is trained to teach table tennis in a constructive environment that promotes: fitness, agility, self-esteem, strategic thinking, team work and fair play.

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    Read Notice204010-04Table Tennis-Intermediate Class-Thur.03/16/17- 05/11/176th - 12th 7:00P- 9:00PNorth Middle SchoolThLocation DetailsItem Details$160

    204100 - Tennis

    Kids are introduced to tennis in a comfortable setting where the emphasis is on fun. With kids-sized equipment, adapted courts, and slower-moving & lower-bouncing tennis balls, the yourth tennis format allows fids to rally and play easier right from the start. This helps to develop confidence since kids can rally successfully with appropriate swing patterns, grips and better racquet control. The modified courts can help develop tactical and technical skills better and sooner. In addition, tennis becomes more enjoyable for the Kids!

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    Read Notice204100-07Spring Tennis 9am Gr.K-104/22/17- 06/10/17Kinder - 1st 9:00A- 10:00ASouth Middle SchoolSaLocation DetailsItem Details$120
    Read Notice204100-08Spring Tennis 10am Gr.2-304/22/17- 06/10/172nd - 3rd10:00A- 11:00ASouth Middle SchoolSaLocation DetailsItem Details$120
    Read Notice204100-09Spring Tennis 11am Gr. 4-504/22/17- 06/10/174th - 5th11:00A- 12:00PSouth Middle SchoolSaLocation DetailsItem Details$120
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